packing tips

We’ve compiled some handy tips and advice about packing your belongings.

Follow these steps to ensure that your items will be ready for removal when we arrive.


Before your removals team arrives:

  • Order boxes using our buy or borrow service.
  • Box all items where possible, including hand tools, lamps, DVD players, computers etc.
  • Telescope boxes together using tape to accommodate larger items.
  • Ensure that boxes are no more than 20kg (40lbs) by part filling a box with heavy items such as books and adding lighter items like cushions until it is full.
  • Tape boxes closed at the top and bottom.
  • Use a marker pen to label the tape on each box with its destination, e.g. ‘BEDROOM 1’ and any other information, e.g. ‘HEAVY’ or ‘THIS WAY UP’.
  • Wrap fragile items well, use strong boxes, tape closed and mark ‘FRAGILE’.
  • Tape longer items together, e.g. garden tools and lengths of wood.
  • Dismantle large items of furniture where possible, e.g. beds, wardrobes and tables.
  • Disconnect, empty and clean appliances, e.g. washing machines, cookers, fridge-freezers.
  • Remove and box or wrap all the fixtures and fittings you are taking with you, e.g. curtains and blinds.
  • Drain oil and fuel from canisters and machinery, e.g. garden mowers.
  • Discard hazardous liquids, e.g. paint (these items cannot be transported).


If you decide you require some help with any element of the packing process please let us know and we will provide expert assistance.

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